Share your card globally –

  • ➔ Virtual business cards or electronic business cards have made it easy as clients can get quick access to your key contact information provided on the digital business card.
  • ➔ Your clients won't have to look for a paper business card, pick up the phone, or type in your number to reach you. With just a click, your clients can communicate with you or contact you for business queries.
  • ➔ You can be reached by your customers by simply clicking the call button on your business card. Additionally, you can send a WhatsApp message by clicking on the Email link. Your customers can save your contact information to their smartphones by tapping the save to phone option.
  • ➔ As a result of COVID-19, people have started adopting behavior that minimizes contact. The one factor that gives these E-business cards an edge over paper business cards is the easy sharing without having to make physical contact with your client or associates.
  • ➔ The advent of E visiting cards has given sharing business contacts a new definition and a new perspective on growing your business contacts.
  • ➔ Also, digital business cards can be used for more than just expanding your social media connections. You can add all kinds of details to these cards, since you can place almost any link on them.