Reduce wastage with Digital Visiting Card

  • ➔ Paper was the only option if you wanted to share a business card in the past. It is usually bleached white, heavyweight, high GSM paper. Globally, 42% of all wood harvested is used in paper manufacturing.
  • ➔ The need to reduce our dependence on paper should concern us all, not just because trees store half of the earth's carbon, but also because manufacturing paper requires a huge amount of energy and water. The arrival of online business card makers has made a revolution in the digital space and in the business arena.
  • ➔ When you switch to digital, you not only save money but also save a few trees. If you do not print your business cards, you do not need to purchase paper stock, which is usually made from freshly cut trees. If you use a plastic-based material and stop printing cards, you reduce plastic waste. This is where digital business cards, electronic business cards, or virtual business cards are surely serving the purpose of caring for the environment.
  • ➔ Many corporate professionals keep stacks of unused business cards on their desks. In addition to gathering dust, these cards will probably be thrown away when the individuals move on to another industry or retire.
  • ➔ And if you are wondering how to make a digital vising card for your business, then Itzme is here to make that smart move for you!