How Digital business card is booming after COVID-19

For a very long period of time, the growing demand for digital business cards has been a part of the corporate world. Despite the pandemic, digital Business cards help digital conferences come alive and contactless digital cards network people online.

Your contact signature is also shared via email with a digital business card, or virtual business card. Instead of listing your social information in the body of the email, in the form of a signature, it is easier to have them all in an e-card at the bottom. Because of the COVID conditions, the strategies of the companies have changed. On the internet, the links between enterprises, manufacturers, distributors, workers, and customers have changed. It has challenged businesses to change within a certain limit. But because of less printing and less waste philosophy, it has also helped the businesses. A business card can be the key between a repeat customer and one that is irretrievably lost after being a customer just once. A 'simple' paper with corporate data is, indeed, important. In the consumer's view, the brand will still be present.

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Go Digital:

ITZME is more than an application for a digital business card. This lets you interact with your prospective customers, associates, and co-workers. In one single view, they help share your contact information.

  • Make it fun and seamless to share your contact details
  • Increase brand awareness by using the digital card's impactful videos or branded graphics

Why People Prefer ITZME digital Business Card rather than Other Business card in This Pandemic?

You can connect your card to your email signature with just a single click, customise QR codes and send updates to your contacts. With that, you can conveniently share your social media pages.

Take advantage of professional templates, customise your design, add links, pictures, and videos to social media, and many more.
ITZME allow you to create a digital business card and convert traditional designs to a digital format from scratch.

There are additional features in ITZME digital Business card is it allow you to include a photo or logo, a personal message and, of course, your contact information, plus links to your website and LinkedIn profile (which, unlike on a hard-copy business card, will actually be clickable).

Trends for the Future

Business data of all relevant persons shall be maintained in one place. As a result, communication is improved and is of greater quality.

The most obvious and major advantage of ITZME digital business cards is that they are ideal for the environment.

The reality of COVID-19, as we mentioned in the introduction, pushes people to adopt behaviours that minimise contact. This one factor gives a massive advantage to digital business cards over paper business cards.