Benefits of Using Electronic Business Cards

The interactive digital business cards have become the new trend. They are overwhelming the entire market because every business person wants to share his professional information fast, securely, and conveniently... Read more

Advantages of Using Mobile Business Cards Post-COVID

In almost every industry, the business digital card has become a requirement. If you also have a business, then you will surely understand how important these cards are as much as telephone and internet services are... Read more

Digital Visiting Card VS Paper Business Card

With the changes taking place in technology, new ways have been developed to engage the target audience. Among which, the most influential way to attract client’s attention is to hand out business cards. These cards provide the contact information of a business. This way, your potential clients and customers will get quick access to you... Read more

How Digital business card is booming after COVID-19

For a very long period of time, the growing demand for digital business cards has been a part of the corporate world. Despite the pandemic, digital Business cards help digital conferences come alive and contactless digital cards network people online.Read more

Digital business cards are becoming popular because they give the person's contact information to other people more interactive.

We should be using digital business cards as a first step to having conversations with other people about what we are passionate about. Itzme digital business cards can be downloaded on an app and shared with others through social media.

Digital business card is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools for entrepreneurs and professionals, and it can help them show their talents, skills and expertise professionally.

A digital visiting card or business card is an online presence vital for entrepreneurs and professionals to promote themselves on the internet.

It consists of a digital photo, a brief description about oneself, one or more links to social media accounts, a project portfolio, company website or blog that displays one's work in an online portfolio format.